Jason Stuber

“Unlike many gurus that crowd the Internet, Jason is not creating millionaires...He’s creating impact.”

Jason is a natural teacher. His professional career began in the Marine Corps and wove its way through corporate giants like Cisco System, Inc. and SAIC, but his one constant on the job has always been teaching. Jason has a gift for influencing others through education.

Jason developed curriculum for IT in the military. He taught Marines and contractors in classrooms from 35-48 students across the country. Jason taught ground-up networking and computer technology through an 8-day boot camp. He knows what it means to create lesson plans, develop a curriculum, and relate that curriculum in a way that students will latch on to it and remember it.

He moved from the Marine Corps to Ocean Systems Engineering Corporation. At Ocean Systems, Jason designed and fielded computer systems and then again created a curriculum around those systems and went out and taught it to “tiger teams” of 8-16 people. Two weeks after Marines sat in Jason’s class, they were in Afghanistan under fire. It was imperative that his students would be able to recall what they were taught—even in the most intense circumstances.

Jason clocked hundreds of hours in the classroom for six years, honing his skills as a teacher. Then, his career path took him into a different arena of influence: sales. At Cisco, Jason utilized education to influence sales in engineering. He also increased his own learning by constantly researching and mastering the science of impact and influence.

When Jason layered sales experience on top of teaching experience, he became an expert in grabbing mindshare. He used that expertise to continue to implement new higher standards into workflow. Jason created change.

Jason’s expertise is now a golden opportunity for teachers. Why do they teach? They care about the future of their students. They want them to want to learn. They strive to have a positive impact on the lives of their students.