Jason Tham

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

My passion for learning has kept me in the classroom, both as a teacher and a student. My research interests and recent works revolve around online writing instruction, rhetoric of science and technology, and the development of MOOCs (massive open online courses). Currently a PhD student at the University of Minnesota, I teach a first-year composition course with an emphasis in experiential learning and rhetorical flexibility. My philosophy of teaching with technology is motivated by a networked learning ecology that empowers student inquiry, collaboration, and self-discovery. Besides teaching, I have four years (and counting!) of professional experience in various roles as a communicator. My years as a newspaper managing editor, editor, and staff writer are the springboard to my freelance career as a copywriter and creative director. Prior to my writing profession, I was a graphic designer (I still do some design work). Some of my works have been recognized with several regional awards. I enjoy wearing different hats and trying out new things. This is probably why you will find me serving on multiple committees and projects, while being at my best as an academic. I am a strong believer of perseverance and determination. I believe everyone has the potential to be great – it’s a matter of courage and the willingness to learn.

  • Education
    • PhD Rhetoric and Scientific and Technical Communication
    • MA Rhetoric and Composition
    • MS Mass Communication
    • BS Mass Communication