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Jason Knight

Scrum Master and Software Developer in Tulsa, Oklahoma

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My name is Jason Knight, and I love software development. I’m a husband, a father of three precocious kids and have been a developer since 2007.

Over the years, I have worked on several products and for many different types of companies from small custom website boutique companies to multi-national companies producing mission-critical applications for fortune 500 companies.

I heard about Scrum and agile software development in college but didn’t really get it until I actually started practicing Scrum. It just made sense. It made so much sense that it revolutionized my understanding of my own role in the industry. I got a chance to serve as a Scrum Master on several teams and decided that Scrum Mastering, coaching, teaching and writing were the things I wanted to do from then on.

Armed with this realization, the nature of my work has changed dramatically. I do less development now than I ever have, but my work teaching Scrum, advocating organizational change, and coaching my colleagues to see the virtue of agile values and principles has energized me in a big way.

With the launch of my blog, Semper agilis in mid 2014 I also became a blogger. It’s taken me a while to understand the difference between a “guy with a blog” and a blogger but I’m getting there slowly but surely.

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    • University of Tulsa