Jason Verduzco

During his successful, long-standing career as an assistant and quarterback coach in the National Football League, Jason Verduzco has garnered over 14 years of experience in areas of management, leadership, and strategic planning. He is the Chief Executive Officer of JAV, Inc., as well as the inventor of his company's product line, which has aided sports and medical industries and has been distributed amongst the National Football League as well as various college and medical institutions. Mr. Verduzco is also the Chief Executive Officer, Director, and Coordinator of the Verduzco Quarterback Camp in Kansas City, Missouri, where he works to refine and support the college careers of several Division I quarterbacks, in addition to developing quality instruction for the nation's top quarterbacks. Prior to his current business ventures, Jason Verduzco was a position coach and a coach-to-quarterback communicator for the Kansas City Chiefs from 2000-2006.

Jason Verduzco served as the Director of Development and Education Outreach for Grantham University in Kansas City, Missouri. As the department's corporate business liaison, he worked directly with the school's board of directors, advisory boards, and administrative councils to expand the value of education. In the course of one year, he succeeded in establishing more than 100 business alliances, strengthening relationships with over 70 corporate partners, and creating business models that maintained a 40 percent growth rate. Prior to his time at Grantham, Mr. Verduzco worked as a Field Sales Manager for QSP, Inc., where he lectured at over 75 schools annually and generated 750,000 dollars in revenue.

Jason Verduzco is currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership from St. Louis University. He received a Master's degree in Educational Organization Leadership and a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with a concentration in Business from the University of Illinois. During his years in academia, Jason Verduzco served as quarterback for his alma mater and earned nationwide recognition with a Heisman Trophy nomination.