Jason W. Bohrer

Chapter Relations Manager in Sacramento, CA

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It’s been fifteen years since I was honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps. During my nine years of service, I saw technology take a leading role in how troops are supported both in garrison and in the theatre of war. I watched and participated in supply systems that became computer-based, then cloud-based. I used email for the first time with many other Marines. I called and spoke to my family from Iraq by means of a satellite phone. I even got to fly a drone over the desert in 29 Palms, California.

While my college studies took me down the path to a degree in English Literature with an emphasis in teaching, and soon thereafter a teaching credential, also in English, it was my time in the Marine Corps that warranted me a second credential in CTE, Information and Communication Technologies. In many ways, I feel I have always been riding the inevitable wave of technological progress, often times taking a leading role in such pursuits. I trained countless Marines in new and emerging technologies, and that passion has become a large part of the teacher I have become.

Working with the educators involved in Computer Science education has made me feel the same sense of wonder and inspiration I felt years ago when I began teaching as a career. The difference this time is that I want to share this passion with other educators. I want to empower teachers, schools, parents, and programs in bringing these wonderfully developed curricula to life and to inspire teachers with how the design of computing and computational thinking can be part of every classroom

I would be happy to share more developed and detailed plans upon request. I have many ideas on ways to begin these enterprises, sustain them, and for them to continue to expand. Furthermore, I can tailor any or all such plans to meet any needs you might have.

  • Education
    • California State University, Sacramento
    • National University
    • Palomar College
    • Sierra College