Jason Weingarten

Currently I am a Product Manager developing online marketing solutions for law firms. I pride myself on being someone who focuses on customer service and creating products and solutions that will help meet a customers needs, solving their problems. I have experience with market research, product development, pricing strategies, product launches, and sales training.

I have spent many years working in the marketing field, gaining experience in direct mail / e-mail marketing and most recently in digital / online marketing. I am Google AdWords certified and skilled in paid search advertising as well as SEM (search engine marketing).

I'm an avid car enthusiast and animal lover. I enjoy learning more about the automotive industry and have focused much of my school work at NYU Stern on the automotive industry, specifically vehicle marketing. I am also a former service dog trainer and therapy dog trainer - training Lab puppies to become Service Dogs with Canine Partners for Life in addition to training my own personal dog to be a therapy dog with PAWS for People.