Jason McLeod

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Jason McLeod is what some would call a Renaissance Man. He has a love of both science and art. He can talk to you about quantum mechanics using a puppet he created, or engineer a clock out of Meccano that is both mechanically complex and beautiful at the same time. He is someone who gets excited about learning and mastering new things.

Jason is passionate about science and innovation, with a love of architecture and carpentry. When most children were watching cartoons he was intently watching Bob Vila on “This Old House”. At age 12 he was studying the works of Nickola Tesla and wanted to transmit electricity wirelessly. As a teenager he spent his lunch hours studying all he could about gravity, trying to answer the question: “How is the force of gravity created and how can it be reversed?”

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    • Nalco Champion
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    • Southern in
    • Mount roy