Jason Younger

I was born at just the right time... As the first computers were introduced, I was just coming up through grade school. I first started on a TRS 80. Then when IBM came out with their first PC in 1981, our family owned business was one of the first online. We owned a John Deere dealership and our parts department connected to John Deere's mainframe via acoustic modem. Your phone receiver snapped into this modem. From the very beginning I was one of the few in my circle that understood computers, how they worked online and how to use them for business. That's right! Even BEFORE the internet even existed, I was working "online". I remember even being pulled out of class in 4th grade to go fix the computer and get us back online for an important order that had to get placed that day. Now in my mid-30's I have seen computers go from being a part of the workplace to exploding into an amazing tool to buy and sell goods online! It's our entertainment, our shopping mall, our storefront, our communication device.... Amazing! I have the hands on EXPERIENCE that can get you ONLINE and doing business ONLINE! Don't go through the school of hard knocks and waste time and money to learn what I have already spent 30 years learning. (although I encourage you to jump in and learn it) I can help you hit the ground running TODAY! I'm already there and I'm already helping people grow their business online. My background is computers and marketing. Let me put it to work for you! I have been in radio broadcasting since September 1993. On air I have learned what works. I have learned the "presentation" Off air I have learned how to craft the message. Now after over 15 years of learning what works and what doesn't, I help businesses reach people. I work to deliver the Right Message to the Right People at the Right Time. Combine a savy online guy with traditional proven marketing strategies and you have someone who can help you grow your business! Call me and let's talk about partnering up to market your business. I'll provide all the technology, I'll share my ideas, you bring some enthusiasm and an open mind ready to try new things to grow.