Javier Schwersensky

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Javier was born and raised in Argentina, and moved to Canada shortly after completing his Masters Degree in Corporate Communications. With over 15 years of experience in strategic marketing, public relations, communications and management Javier is passionate about his work and rigurous in his analysis. "Show me the data" is something you will hear very frequently.

In 2006, Javier moved from the private sector to The Manitoba Museum, a non-profit organization to lead a team of over 20 individuals responsible for earned revenues. He is loving every minute of it since the job allows him to use his business savvy to help the community. It is in fact a rare privilege and he takes the responsibility very seriously.

Javier is not afraid of failure. In fact, he tells his staff that failure is always an option. What is truly important is to learn from failure and never repeat the same mistake again. Ever. That is how you innovate and how you become truly successful. Javier is very much a serial innovator and has created unique programs to reduce organizational risk while improving the bottom line.

Family is also important, and Javier tries to be a good Dad and spend as much quality time as possible with his son, who is growing up way too fast!

  • Work
    • The Manitoba Museum
  • Education
    • MA (Communications), MSc (Communications)