Justin Dickey

I've been in the Fitness industry for about three years now and really find myself hard to please when it comes to websites that are just out there to collect a name and move on. I'm more of a progressive in my thinking and think that if you're going to do a website you might as well do it right. I came to the About.Me scene because I wanted to get more out of my website and really think this will translate into a better user experience for a lot of people. If you're curious about my website you can check it out at Fitness Libraryand see what I'm up to on a regular basis.

I don't plan on updating this too much but I do want to let everyone know that I'm out here and have a passion for fitness. I've been doing the whole fitness thing for about five years and think it's one of the passions that I'll never go without. It's something that's quite simple and can be done with almost no materials required, and for that I'm truly grateful for and I think that's what initially brought me start up Fitness Library in the first place. I think that it all started about ten years ago when I first started martial arts and soccer with my family, it was something that they pushed me to do but after about two years of doing it I realized that this was something that I wanted to do for the long haul. It's not been easy, there's been periods of my life where I've wanted to quit sports and physical fitness altogether but I think the fact that I've stuck through it this long is what's made me a better person and transformed me into the person that I am today. After doing soccer I also played my hand at baseball but soccer has been my one true passion that I stuck with for quite some time now. I've since then moved on to pursue other endeavors namely my Fitness Library site but I think it's something that's going to always be with me and give me a constant reminder of what I can do and what I'm capable of.

I think that if you've ever gone out and tried to do something and failed at it then I'm here to tell you that you can do it, I've been through so many failures in my life that it's truly taught me what being hard-headed is all about and is something that I really think you'll find inspiring in a weird sort of way. Soccer has been great for me because it taught me a lot about team-work and what it mean to work in tough scenarios with a close-knit group of people and I think this is something that has