Jay Gotlieb

Consultant, Small Business Owner, and Project Manager in Nassau, Bahamas

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Jay Gotlieb is the President and Founder of Seton Securities Ltd., a Bahamian investment bank and wealth management firm. He is also a director and large shareholder at IntellectSpace, a Seattle IT company. Jay takes pride in his career in finance, but he also has a number of interests outside of his professional life.

Gotlieb is a lover of all things travel. Having been born in Canada, Gotlieb has travelled around North America, South America and the Caribbean, as well as Europe, Asia and Africa. He is a long-time permanent resident of the Bahamas.

Jay Gotlieb is also a lover of music. When he was six years old, the sounds of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones fueled Jay’s desire to be a musician. While his finance career moves overshadowed his childhood dream, he has picked up the guitar and learned to play a bit on his free time.

Gotlieb is also a lover of sports. He enjoys rooting for the teams of his hometown. His love of sports expands to tennis and golf, which he enjoys watching and playing. He also enjoys skiing, both on water and on land. Jay Gotlieb is a man of many interests: creative, athletic and adventurous. Learn more at jaygotlieb.net.