Jay Holstine

CEO Peer Group Advisor and Chair in Plano, TX, US

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As a chair with Vistage Worldwide in the Dallas, Jay Holstine meets with his members once a month providing a one-to-one session to discuss issues, opportunities, and business strategy. The one-to-one drives the purpose and focus of the overall Vistage experience.

Previously Jay Holstine served as managing director of Compass Advisory Consultants where he worked closely with early-stage startups to advise them on strategic go-forward plans, governance, building teams, key talent acquisition, board presentations, raising investment capital, and building scalable structures that led to 30% of companies being successfully exited.

With a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Kansas, Jay Holstine began his career as a manufacturing operations consultant with Accenture in New York, and as a supply chain strategy consultant with Deloitte Consulting. Jay left consulting to serve as the plant manager for Taylor Instruments near Asheville NC. In 2001, Jay founded SigmaFlow, a cloud-based process management solution that he successfully sold to a private equity company in 2012.

  • Work
    • Vistage Worldwide, Inc.
  • Education
    • University of Kansas