Jaymen Chang

Student in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Hey, I’m Jaymen.

I am a current undergraduate student at Simon Fraser University. I never really excelled in school, I had tried to succeed in school in the past, But I was never able to fully achieve my goals in school. At the time of eighth grade I had become a student who constantly found himself in trouble and having no will to succeed in school. I Truly believed that no matter how hard I tried, I would not be able to succeed academically. In the winter of ninth grade, I walked into my parents room and exclaimed "Mom, Dad, I want to drop out of school". I was set on dropping out of school, as I was convinced school was not for me. However Midway through the first semester of High-school, I decided that In the next year I would succeed academically and achieve my goals in education, but this time I would put everything I had into making this change. I began to skip lunches to stay in the class and study, as well as spend each waking hour of my day at the library, studying, and focusing on the idea of being successful in school. A year later I achieved honours with distinction, and much better grades within my academics. I had gotten so ahead I was also able to skip the eleventh grade and move onto my senior year. I spent time helping peers with their academics as well and was set on going to Simon Fraser University. However at the time I was unclear of my interests applied for an Undeclared Major. My first year of university proved to be a challenge, and now at seventeen years old, I have decided to begin a Gap year to gain life experience and some funding for my tuition.

  • Education
    • Simon Fraser University