Jayme Washington

Being Mommy with 5 children, I know crucial it is to be prepared for those rainy days AND the years to come ahead. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to an amzing opportunity that allows me not only to make extra money but to have the freedom to enjoy more time with my husband and children. I also am able to give to my church and favorite charities more than I could have ever imagined.

It's simple and easy,and it takes me less than 4 hours a day to follow the clearly laid out step- by-step instructions from my Laptop. It's not a scam or a pyramids, it's just the smartest income I've ever made.

I think about God more than anything now because I really need Him. Daily, hourly, by the second I need to be brought back to what matters. I've made a ton of mistakes in my life. I've fallen flat on my face over and over. I still do.

I used to hate failing, but I’ve come to realize that our “failures” are what build us up into who God wants us to be. Life was not designed to be easy. It’s in the challenges – when we just have to give up – that we meet Christ with total abandon. We are presented with a choice: risk, or stay stuck. Life is too short not to risk it all for what really matters.

I know firsthand that He can change everything in your life. Every single thing. He did for me. God changed my life and my business and keeps changing me every single day. I hope you will join me in focusing on what really matters and come back again soon for some inspirational posts I’ll be creating this year.

Whether you are seeking God for the first time and have a billion questions. It’s ok to ask God questions. I do all the time! There’s a difference between asking a question and questioning God’s authority. I never question His authority, but I ask my Father questions and it’s ok for you to do the same.

However, you already may have a strong faith. I look forward to growing with you, and, together, seek answers in the best business book ever.