Jay Stevens

Seattle, Washington, United States

Hello, I’m Jay, a young environmental designer from the Pacific Northwest. I received a BA in Environmental Design from the School of Architecture at Montana State University in 2010, and began working on Masters degree in Architecture in 2012. I've also gained professional experience in architecture, construction and research. In 2011, I started a small entity called REDlab, a ‘lab’ for research, experimentation and design through which many project ideas were conceived, including a disassemblable mobile dwelling, an integrated bathroom fixture/wall cladding system, and an innovative sound application for web and mobile devices.

Currently, I'm interested in developing a career around my interests in adaptable environmental design using condition/relationship-oriented methods, evolutionary architectures, structural ecologies, geometry, topology, digital/material fabrication, optimization methods, programming, sound, computer graphics and intermedial transcriptive techniques.

Although I’ve been immersed in the study of architecture, design, and many aspects of environment for the past eight years, I have developed further curiosities around many other subjects such as evolutionary/synthetic biology, genetics, computer science and economics; while these are simply interests, they are and have been influential, further informing the nature of my work.

Aside from my professional interests and learning pursuits, I like to make time to play outside, make/design music and sound, record sonic environments, talk to people, write, travel, and maintain a journal of innovative, creative project ideas.

If you would like to speak about a project or just say hello, please feel free.

  • Work
    • REDlab
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    • Montana State University