Jayne Payton

Atlanta Georgia

House cleaning is probably a task that every stay-home mother hates to do, but it is something that one cannot try to escape from. This is particularly true if one has small children in the house. Young youngsters aged 2 and under spend practically all of their time playing on the floor of the living room. Kids of such age are especially interested and who is to blame since their brain development is occurring at prolific rate at such age. This also means that they will lay their hands on any thing that they encountered and most youngsters prefer to put things to their mouths. Now, that is regarding the visible objects that can be very dangerous. How about the invisible? Viruses and bacteria may be potent.

I'm a mother with two young kids and I share the plight that every mother has to go through when it comes to household duties. You can employ a nanny or domestic helper to assist you care for the home but that's provided you're rich enough. For many people who don't have such privilege, we need some type of reliable assistant. When I talk to a lot of people, we arrive at the opinion that vacuum will be the next best thing for those of us who can not afford such luxury.

Identifying a vacuum that lives up to one's expectation is not as simple as it appears. Perhaps I had been too naive previously. Perhaps I had been too trusting to the sales man at the department store. Maybe I'd been too easily sold by the advertising taglines used by some of the vacuum cleaner manufacturers. To provide you with some perspectives, I have replaced my hoover four times in the past five years alone. Any simple kid can do the maths which simply means that I've had to change my vacuum at least one time annually. To be precise, the initial 3 vacuums only lasted less than 9 months each. After 3 attempts, I eventually found one that can last for over two years. I've to state that I'm quite satisfied with the present cleaner that I have.

I'll not dwell on my past painful experiences in picking out a vacuum. I am aware as mothers with children and toddlers, we don't have the luxury to invest plenty of time in carrying out product research. It has led many of us to put our blind trust on thearound the brand but the sad truth is advertising campaigns usually contain more overblown facts than truth. What I discovered is all of the vacuum manufacturers tend to drown the lowdown in their products.

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