We develop web platforms.

A platform is the system behind a dynamic website. It manages both the data inside the website, as well as the files and database that make up the website. It tracks changes in the code, and takes database backups, ensuring that data is both secure and safe.

Management of data

The platform also manages the data within the system, allowing for a single website to provide multiple areas of functionality.

For example, a client may want a sales area of the site to provide information about their product to potential buyers, an ecommerce area of the site to handle purchase of the product, a support area to provide after-purchase service/support, and a forum so that potential and current users of the product can discuss the product amongst each other.

The platforms we build allow for all these different sections of a website to exist on a single system, so that users can use a single account for all site interaction.

Multi-site development

Our platforms can also be used to manage multiple websites on a single platform, so that data can be shared between a client's sites.

For example, a user could sign up on one of the client's sites, and instantly be able to use that login information on the rest of the client's websites. Or pages created on one website could be made available to a different site altogether.

We love good service.

As such, in order to take pride in our products, we strive to ensure that our clients are not just happy with the product they recieve, but also with the service provided.

We spend a significant amount of time talking with clients to discuss their needs, working together to ensure that we are on the same page.

We encourage feedback at all steps along the way, and give progress reports throughout the process. In order to keep open smooth channels of communication, we have created a client area of our website, with a private section for each client, where we can have discussions, and upload files, videos and progress reports. This keeps all of our communication in one area, so it is centralized and always available to everyone involved in the project whenever required.