Jay Patel


I AM I ,
i may not olwaZe Be Perfect
But I am OlwaZe .. Me ...... :)

«Prìñçê Åttìtûðë»
One Lo've One Hea'rt

I Am A True lover,an Ethical hacker->[s]ecret, an artist, a DJ ,luv to 3dit picz, a philosopher n a psyco.. Lolz..

Editing and Designing are what I do best. Which is convenient, because it's what I love to do most.

Its The way i think!
I hate to fight,
but luv to argue.
I don't want 2 be on the spotlight, but I hate being ignored.
I don't want evrything, but I want wat i wish.
I don't want 2b celebrity
But i want pepole to remember my name..
Datz d way i'm..
Datz d way i'l b..

U really don't care, but I'll tell u anyway

who m i?
I am a student, a brother, a son, a frnd
& half of d tym, I don't
know wat ppl want of me.
I m confident of being
But self-conscious of being confident.

Every Rule Has an Xception & I "am" That Xception !!

I luv 2 sing (as long as it's in the shower)
I luv 2 dance (as long as I'm in my room)
I luv 2 draw (as long as no one will see it)
I luv 2 write (as long as no one will read it)
I luv 2 act (as long as no one's watching)
I luv 2 cry(as long as no one's near)
I luv 2 talk (as long as no one's listening)
I luv 2 scream (as long as no one can hear)
I luv 2 MIX (DJ-ing MY secret HobbY)
I wish I cud figure out my place in
My family, my group of frnz, my Sch0oL(rptp) and clg [Rpcp]
I hope 2 find my place in dis world. :)
I don't understand why we cry for joy

Or live 2 die..

Coz der's so much 2 see n do.
I hate Life Coz itz bound 2 end...Myself.

care too much wat others think
wish I cud b how I want 2 b
Wen I want 2 b ME:P.

Dey think I'm selfish
Coz I won't let dem in. ;)
Dey don't know me.
Dey don't know
watz going thru my mind :O ????? :P

ㅤIi like awake at nite
ㅤWasting tym
Thinking abt how much
of our lyf is wasted
Juz by wasting tym. :D lol xD
~How can I handle over 30 friend requests in a single day...??..Wish i could disable the 'Add as a Friend' Button:P

Me = Distressed Youth..Indecisive & Annoyingly Careless