Jayrajsinh Chavda

Filmmaker, Cultural Anthropologist, and Theatre Graduate in Ahmedabad

Jayrajsinh Chavda

Filmmaker, Cultural Anthropologist, and Theatre Graduate in Ahmedabad

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I did my bachelors in Performing Arts (Theatre Arts) and consistently pursuing the calling of my dreams and vision, making films, rather, the creative aspects of filmmaking. Theatre also holds a huge piece of my heart, so I love spending my time either on a set, or on a stage.

from childhood I've been thrilled about technology, design, science, art, culture & music. New stories and ideas sets me on fire! Art, history, mysteries and the esoteric knowledge fascinate me. My career graph always followed the direction of my diligence. Visual storytelling is my passion through which I create engaging cinematic content that arouse your senses and hopefully convey a feeling of awe. out of this passion, I have written, directed & produced number of festival screened short films, music videos, documentaries and ad films. I have had the honor of working with international clients from a wide variety of industries, broadcast television, corporate sectors, organizations and artists. I enjoy the creative process of brainstorming, building and developing ideas to a clients’ remit. but i always go above what is required to satisfy my own standards.

I also take a lot of pride in working on my own personal "passion" projects such as, "The Connoisseur's Journal", "Universal Religion" and "Full Moon Project". Over the last couple of years my work reached millions of people worldwide motivating me to continue my journey as a Writer, Actor, Director, Cinematographer, Sound Designer, Music Composer and Post Producer in my own studio based in Ahmedabad, India.

I am interested to make thought provoking cinema. So when I say "I make films" it just means that I am manifesting bits and pieces of me in a motion and the rest of the time I spend making music. What I make reflects my experiences in life, my emotions, my feelings about certain things, my stories and of course, the many worlds that reside in my imagination.

I am partial introvert and life for some reason has kept me busy throughout. an emotional yet sharp thinker. Rather, the best way to tell you who I am is to tell you what I see, hear and live. Nurturing raw happiness and sharing joy is what i love and adore.

I have been living quite of nomadic-hippie lifestyle and so, i am always up for travel. shoot me an email if you want to collaborate or hire me for a project.

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