Jay RANDY Gordon

Marketing Communications, Business development, and Writer in San Rafael, California

Jay RANDY Gordon

Marketing Communications, Business development, and Writer in San Rafael, California

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" [ Go confidently in the direction of your dreams; Live the life you have always imagined ] " - Henry David Thoreau

Hey there, I’m Jay "RANDY" Gordon.

You may call me "Randy" or "Jumpshot" (because I've got one ;-) I like that quote.

I’m a Business Development and Marketing Communications guy (father of one), living in San Rafael, California. I am a fan of sports, writing, style, fashion, mountain biking, and unique experiences. I’m also interested in independent filmmaking, Jimmy Buffett "parrothead" music, movies, and worthy causes.

The challenging times ahead to 2019 and 2020 demand experienced, affable, creative, efficacious and committed people.

I fully understand how to craft a compelling, contextually-relevant email (and that follow-up via phone and in-person can be crucial). I believe, through experience, that I know how best to approach decision makers. I can work well within parameters.

My focus points are Experiential Marketing, Writing/Content (my published book is on Amazon, called"BusiBUZZ" by J. Randy Gordon), Communications, Market and Business Development.

My ability to develop new accounts, cross-promotions and strategic alliances are key areas where I excel. Methodically and systematically, I have been crafting messages in the new media and social media marketing areas. Finally, I am a “Team Player.”

2018 project: www.feastitforward.com


e: jayrandygordon@gmail.com

e: randy@feastitforward.com

Cell Phone: (650) 346-8127



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You can contact me at (650) 346-8127, e: jayrandygordon@gmail.com -- or buy my book on Amazon, with a click on the button above.