Jay Reason

Jay Reason is an Cuban American musician, graphic designer and digital content creator from Connecticut. He was the lead singer and founder of hardcore punk bands Voice Of Reason and The Distance, and is the current frontman for Blackened. Hired by Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta, Jay Reason was label manager of Stillborn Records from 2001 - 2007. He currently works for the Sony music group.


Jay Reason grew up in the hardcore punk scene in Connecticut where he would book shows for touring artists as a hobby. He soon formed his own group, Voice Of Reason, who were widely recognized throughout the hardcore punk scene after their signing with Triple Crown Records. The group broke up in 2001 and Jay took a full-time position at Stillborn Records as label manager, hired by label founder Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed. Jay would later form The Distance, who started out as a hardcore punk band on Bridge 9 Records but ultimately were reaching for more commercial success with their signing to Abacus Recordings. The band would remain relatively inactive in the years to follow, although no official break up has been announced. Jay would later form metal act, Blackened, alongside current Hatebreed bassist Chris Beattie, original Hatebreed drummer Dave Russo, and Fastbreak guitarist Chris Legg.

BACKGROUND: Partial Discography

BLACKENED: 2008-CURRENT - (Vocals, CT based hardcore metal)
• THIS MEANS WAR - CD / LP - (Think Fast Records)

THE DISTANCE: 2002-CURRENT - (Vocals, CT based rock hardcore)
• DIE TRADITION DIE - 7" - (Takeover Records)
• YOUR CLOSEST ENEMIES - CD / 7" - (Bridge 9 Records)
• THE DISTANCE / OUTBREAK / SKOH split - 7" - (Bridge 9 Records)
• THE DISTANCE / WITH HONOR split - 7" - (Martyr Records)
• ANYTHING, ANYTHING - 7" - (Self Release)
• IF YOU LIVED HERE....- CD - (Think Fast Records)
• LEND ME YOUR EARS - DIGITAL - (Self Release)

VOICE OF REASON: 1995-2000 - (Vocals, CT based hardcore)
• SELF TITLED - 7" / CASS - (Seize Records)
• VOICE OF REASON / OVERTHROW split - CD - (Stillborn Records)
• CALL FOR UNITY 2 - CD - (B2B Records)
• ONLY THE STRONG 1999 - CD / PIC DISC - (Victory Records)
• NEW BEGINNINGS - CD - (Triple Crown Records)