Jessie Halpin

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there!My name is Jessica, but I infinitely prefer Jessie. It's very hard to describe yourself without either sounding degrading, or like a massive, egotistical dirtbag.But I'm gonna try it anyways!Throughout my entire life, I have always been a very precocious person. I could never wait to learn what I was supposed to. I wanted it now. I wanted it before. I had the intense need to devour knowledge and keep doing it. I had the limitless confidence and unashamed bravery that every child has. I had imagination and sass and the complete trust in myself that I would always know what to do.Then I floundered, and wandered, and lost a little bit of faith in myself. But that’s not the sole focus. Everyone loses their way, it’s the finding it again that matters.I grew through a rollercoaster of a time, including the ups and downs of adolescence, and the stupid foolishness of teenagerdom. (All teenagers are idiots. Don’t fight me on this. They are.) I was a wretched sort of young adult, and I had severe head-up-my-butt-itis. I yelled, argued, begged, bribed, stole, and even tried cajoling the world to do what I want. Then, as most people who are self-aware (or try to be) do, I realized the world is not all about me (even if your own personal life is) and I should probably get my act together.Which led to a huge, melodramatic self-awareness overhaul. (Melodrama is sort of a thing for me. I’ve got a tiara for it and everything. Best in show.) I realized I didn’t have to scream to get what I wanted. I realized I could have whatever I wanted, as long as I got it for myself. I had total control. It’s my life. Who was going to tell me no?I had finally come to that great plateau, where you realize that whatever you want, whatever you need to do, whatever you have to do, is your responsibility. You are solely responsible, aware, in charge, and whatever else you want in your own damn life.The minute you completely step into who you are and who you can be, you will find the most amazing freedom. Ever.And this is who I am now. A passionate, maddening, thoroughly vibrant young woman. I’m stubborn and strong, and intimidating and I have a lovable streak that I will never shake or diminish. I’m still growing and learning, but I’m trying. I’m actively participating in my life and my choices, and the abilities I know I have and can cultivate.That’s what I want to do for others. I want to advocate self-awareness, self-respect, and self-love. I believe e