Jay Rosen

I've been teaching journalism at New York University since 1986. Today I direct the Studio 20 program there. We do projects with media partners that focus on innovation.

* I make an effort to be literate in what's changing journalism.

* I have been writing my blog PressThink for twelve years. It is about what's happening to journalism in the digital age.

* On Twitter I am @jayrosen_nyu. Daily curation and commentary.

* My book, What are Journalists For? was published by Yale University Press in 1999. [Excerpt.]

Press criticism, the rebuilding of journalism by the internet, participatory forms in digital culture like blogging and citizen journalism, the rise of open source, trends in political reporting and social commentary: these are some of my primary interests as a writer and student of media.

I wrote my Master thesis about Marshall McLuhan. I have a PhD in media studies. My academic adviser was Neil Postman.

My first love was journalism. I think we should have networked beats by now.

I am interested in the survival of media institutions (and companies) strong enough to enable good journalism. I was on the advisory board of Digital First Media and I'm an occasional consultant to Post Media in Canada. I'm on the corporate board of the Gazette Company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I'm also an advisor to the New Republic magazine.

I taught a class for undergrads at NYU recently on the Future of the New York Times.

I do some public speaking. I enjoy that. I like to write. Teach. And let the light filter in from distant ideas. I live in Manhattan.