JaySaint Da Synnr

Ocala Fl

Yo whats up Im JaySaint Da Synnr. Ive alway been a fan of Hip-hop/Rap music. Ive been workin on music since the Year 2008 and im Still Grindin with the movement. I grew up in the streets of Ogden Utah but i was originally born in Albington Pennsylvania. Determined to do what is necessary to push myself out there and reach out to all the people who have had a life like me, ill reach out to all Underground rappers and lay down some messages. My Family, rap and music are my life, im here now to stand, and uphold my dream. I have had some bad tracks due to me still learning, but this Next mixtape is something you dont wanna Miss. JaySaint is coming back like you have never seen him before. Follow me as i move forward cuz i sure as hell aint going backSUBSCRIBE, SHARE, COMMENT, and LIKE The music pages and then while you at it hit me up. Im ready so lets make this happen!!

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