*** Jay Siegan ***

*** Hi. I'm Jay. ***

I'm fortunate to have found my passion early in life: I live for music + events.

I run JSP, a boutique booking agency who provides artists for a diverse cross section of events, from nightclubs to social events to high end corporate functions.

I also own the Red Devil Lounge, a San Francisco live music venue with a prominent history of spectacular fundraising events and intimate concerts. We also make a strong drink.

I'm active in the TED community, and am pleased to be the Music Curator for the renowned TEDxSF Conference.

My biggest passion in fundraising. I do this by providing bands, venues, resources and ideas for events in our venue, or across the country. We've raised many millions for local schools and international organizations such as Doctors Without Borders.

That's me in a nutshell. Let's talk rock.

Xo - Jay