Digital Marketer, SEO, and Entrepreneur in Bellevue, Washington

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I have built an extensive and successful career building and mentoring sales operations teams for Fortune 50 organizations.

As 2016 progressed, I consulted a small business on its operations and transitioned to helping them grow their online presence from the ground up. I was hooked. So I began dedicating my time in learning about digital marketing and how newly formed small businesses can compete in highly competitive industries.

In 2017, I stepped into assisting small businesses to plan and launch their digital marketing campaigns. My goal now is to help small business owners navigate the complexity of digital marketing.

I have found online marketing to be either overlooked or ignored by small businesses while also manipulated by some digital marketers. For that reason, I pride myself on providing real results through proven and repeatable online marketing strategies.

Visit my company website at https://monopolydigital.com/ to learn more about our services.