Muhammad Jazim

I am delighted to welcome you on behalf of Team Youth Today to

the debut issue of our Magazine. We are presenting you a magazine

which has been designed especially for the Youth of Pakistan. It is a reflection

of where our youth stands today and what opportunities they

have in the future. Keeping this in mind we have brought you inspiring

success stories, interviews and articles written by aspiring young writers.

Our every edition will feature a special interview of a personality which,

by his/her actions, has created an impact upon the youth, inspired them

and contributed towards their progress. Again, the underlying reason for

this is to bring you the perspective and vision of the people who are

striving for the empowerment of youth in Pakistan.

One of our major aims while beginning this magazine was to revive the true

ideology of Pakistan and thus we have tried to convey our

message through this first issue. Readers, we as Pakistanis should be fully

aware of our national ideology and our responsibilities in fulfilling it. I hope you will

appreciate our efforts in this regard and have a quality time reading

Youth Today. I look forward to a successful first year as the Editor-in-Chief

and welcome any comments or suggestions you may have that would help us in

improving the Magazine and bring you the best there is.