Jazlyn Carrera

Writer and Public Speaker in Jakarta, Indonesia

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Hi! My name is Jazlyn Carrera Manaba, I'm half Phillipines half Indonesia. Currently studying mass comunication at The London School of Public Relations. Not quite sure why i took this major but....lets see where it'll take me.

I have traveled several countries and cities due to softball either its me playing or my mom coaching. My mom was a pitcher, she used to play for Indonesia National Softball team. Me? not even close..Im starting to wonder wether softball is my true calling since I dont inherit any of my mom's pitching skill. My biggest achievement in softball so far is being with the Jakarta team. Why? Because I used to watch them play as a kid and now I'm in the same team with them. Aw yizzzzzz

I love baking sweets esp. cookies and brownies. I begin to love it even more once I found out that I could make money out of it. I sell my cookies online and named it cookienomster (check it out on instagram @cnomster hehehe) I also sell my brownies between college mates. Well since people pay me for my baking..I guess its ok to say that I'm a profesional baker LOL

But, on top of the things mentioned above my true passion is always and forever will be PERFORMING. I guess I got it from my dad. He's such an amazing singer with God given talent. He used to play theater back at Phillipines. (Its amazing how both my parents were so good at their things and I got just half-half of their skill.....dang Genetics)

I just love being in front of people and entertain them. I'm obsessed of having my own spot light. I know I havent start anything to go down that path eventhough I have played in a theatre (Rumors by 17-14A) and being in a photoshoot before (for London School). Hopefully soon enough, if God allows I'll find chance to begin that journey I've been dreaming for :)

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    • London School of Public Relations