Jasmine Zaied

Italy - Libya

Jasmine Zaied

Italy - Libya

Born in Rome, lived more or less all my life there

my dream job was dubbing cartoons characters

my passion was technologies and drawing

at 11 years took a simple course of ECDL .

after that my dream job became Programming.

at 14 I had already learned visual basic, html and a base of C + + ..

discovered Photoshop, Illustrator and Graphic Design ...

continued programming at my university in Libya (Informatics) with an international diploma in Information technology and communication

in November 2010 took the Master in graphic communication in Rome.

  • Work
    • Jazmania Designs
  • Education
    • Technical Master in Graphic Communication
    • international Diploma in information technology and communication
    • ACA graphic Design
    • Short Course Diploma in Digital Marketing