Jazmín Guadalupe Corona venegas

Student in Caleras, México

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name: Jazmín Guadalupe corona Venegas

birthdate: fourteenth of august

school data: study at the university of colima and course the 5th of high school

likes:(1) I like to go joggling in the morning because I think that breathing the fresh air in the morning in the best

.(2) I like to go out with my friends on saturdays to talk about our little propositos

. (3)I also like to go out with my famili to the beach.

DISLIKES: something l do not likes is that there is discrimination against other people.

(2) l do not like doing so much homework.

(3) l do not like the schedule in which he entered the university because it is very early and it does not give me much time.


(1)finish my homework so I do not have any problems with my teachers.

(2)I try to bathe at 11:00 pm to get to school on time.

(3)I'm going to run every morning usually at 7:00 a.m.

(4)I also eat breakfast at 8:00 and I always have to have a coffee.

(5)I usually stay connected almost all day in social networks.

(6)I also know that whenever I arrived from school I go to see my grandmother at night and talk with her.

HOBBY:my favorite hobby is to go out with my friends to the garden and talk about what happens to us throughout the week and after that, go to the tacos.


(1)I'm always looking at my cell phone to see what new things there are.

(2)I almost always check my notes to study.

(3)It lasted a few times to frequent my family.

(4)and some weekend I go to the cinema.


(1)I go to the supermarket on weekends

(2)I havenever beedto England

(3)I've been organizing a weekend trip