JB Bennett

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Hey this is JB,

Thanks for stopping by, that's what's up. I'm 23, workin on my grown man and thought I'd show you my personal favorites.

If you like what's in front of you, I could use your help. It only takes a minute to hit that 'share' button. Go to that n come back.

So, LADIES....... (in my sexy man voice) grab a couple o ya lady friends and check out some of my night clothes. Yea......lingerie

MEN, check out some clothing for your lady friend.....uh friends. Yep, lets' keep it real, you know there's that n the baby momma. So get your christmas gifts that you get back. (that's what's up)

OR MEN, check out some of those man items.

Do you or someone you know drink Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa?