Jeremy Baker

I was Jeremy Hubert. Now I am Jeremy Baker; An ex-Yahoo! and ruby developer with a penchant for side projects. You can often find me running around the world eating strange food and working on a new idea with my lovely wife. Follow me on twitter here to stay up to date. :)

Oh, you want technical details? Well, I've got the chops. 14 years of web dev and 7 years of Ruby; From small startups to large enterprises. I stay current with all the latest keywords that recruiters are misusing on job postings. I'm also up to date on the latest trends and teach classes at universities around the world on how to innovate.

Here are just a few of my fun side projects, if you're interested:

OnceOvers - A design review platform for getting feedback on your project

SupporterWall - A service for raising money and showcasing your supporters

Live CSS Editor - A wickedly easy to use tool for testing CSS on any website

Camera Explorer - A one day project for learning about camera models