Jonathan Barnette

Huntsville, AL

Turnkey Advertising and Communications wrapped around a strong base of video, web and print design and backed by a wealth of technical knowledge and expertise. Web designer with knowledge of complete design and implementation process. Started in commercial video production. Experienced high-definition video shooting and editing. One of the first 200 DVD authorists in the US (back when not everybody could do it), and very knowledgeable about video compression for the web and beyond. Produced award-winning feature film "Alice's MisAdventures in Wonderland", as well as other short films. Shot and edited several Addy-winning commercials. Entrepreneur and involved in small-business startups of all types. Great at that creative-technical combination you just don't get from most folks. Strategic thinker. Dynamic implementer. Computer geek. Loves the Macintosh. Wrap up all these skills and focus them on purpose and you get a Director of Communication at Southwood Presbyterian Church. It's my day job now, and when I'm not spending my evenings with my beautiful wife LuAnne, son Henry, and daughter Clara you just might get a piece of me.