Jim Bass

Alpharetta, Georgia, United States

Join me on a journey to Customer Experience improvement. In "Designing The Difference" I share CX insights, concepts and fundamentals in easy-to-understand terms and then apply them to real life examples. My goal is to inspire you to begin “Designing The Difference” that turns your customers into raving, loyal fans who tell their friends, families and colleagues about your business and high quality products and services.

I am passionate about Customer Experience have over 10 years experience designing customer experience at key moments of truth and critical touchpoints in the customer journey map.

My CX perspective is that improving Customer Experience does not always have to be a daunting or expensive venture. Businesses can improve revenues and profitability by making a few simple changes in the way customers are greeted by frontline employees upon entering the store or by changing the style and frequency of customer communications, both written and verbal.

Sometimes, though, more drastic changes are needed to ensure a superior Customer Experience is delivered consistently.

Regardless of the scope, all businesses can improve the customer experience they deliver by:
1. Shifting focus to the customer and their needs
2. Listening to understand instead of listening to respond (listening to both customer and employee)
3. Designing the customer/user experience in such a way that no critical touchpoints are left to chance.