josef baz

Lebanon, Beirut

My name is youssef,but you can call me josef, not that it differs, names and numbers are just features humans invented so stop judging everyone by their names and age. Anyways , I'm a lebanese guy that's obsessed with animals and everything mother natur offers. It's very odd these days to find someone that loves to read especially the youngsters,but reading is when you can go anywhere you want without even moving a muscle. I got the love of reading from my mom i've learned so much from her , i still do, it's so hard living without a mother and that's why i'm blessed to still have her by my side ,she's truly a shoulder to cry on and the humor to laugh for. You are really blessed for whatever you've got even if you've got nothing, for the nothing you have might be everything to some one else. Just be Thankful for all that you have, and you shall live in peace.

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