JB Bush

Thanks for dropping by. Since the late 90's, I have been working with my customers (SMBs to Fortune 500) to overcome the selling challenges that stand in the way of hitting their revenue targets. Those challenges include:

Unable to accurately forecast when their prospect will buy

Not calling on the right people

Challenge articulating the financial impact of their offering

Experienced the frustration of your prospect not making a decision

Difficulty selling the breadth of your company's product line

Your prospects commoditizing your offering

How? By working with my customers to install, embrace and adopt the ValueSelling Framework. While the framework is crayon simple, insuring that we get the return on the investment takes some work. My goal is to keep us laser focused on those returns and make sure we have some fun along the way.

Which brings me to another passion - hanging out and traveling with my family. Picture here is overlooking the volcanos on the Big Island, Hawaii - photo courtesy of my 11 year old son.

I welcome you to reach out, we can schedule a visit over a virtual cup of coffee and see if there is fit to work together or engage in next steps.

Until then, continued success to you and great selling.