Jonathan Hernández

London, England, United Kingdom

I have mainly three specialities:

- Web applications: I’ve been programming with Ruby on Rails since 2006, and I love it. I’ve built a lot of web apps since then, but the big ones are Woices/WoicesGuides ( and Higia Suite (

- Mobile applications in Android: Since 2010 I’ve been working intermittently in some Android apps mainly related to Woices (audio, traveling). You can see some here: I’m very passionate about Android, in 2011 I taught a course to URV professors/personal and also I went to Google I/O. I love to be updated and write once in a while some Android code.

- System administration/Scalability with Linux. I have experience in Linux Sysadmin and some with scalability, specially with AWS (Amazon Web Services). I’ve built the infrastructure behind Woices ( and Ilustrum (, a web-based game with high traffic. While I’m not particularly interested in developing a career based on this skill, I use it very often to complement the other ones.

The background photo is because I'd like to be as good as my dad is crafting ;-)

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    • Master in Computer Science