J. Brian O'Day

Democracy Consultant in Baltimore, Maryland

Over the past thirty years I have lived, worked and traveled in China, Africa, Europe, Russia, South Asia, and the Arab world. I enjoy digging into history and different cultures, exploring cramped bookshops and old 'souqs' and have been known to spend hours climbing among the ruins. Lazy Sunday mornings should be spent with coffee, croissants and the New York Times spread over the bed. I like jazz music, good books and old, romantic movies (no horror or shoot'em up movies, thank you). I eat better than I cook, I dance better than I sing, and I read better than I write. I'm not into television or sports - not watching, participating or talking about - and, though I should exercise more, I don't. I am terrible at learning languages - I now can’t speak Chinese, French, Russian or Arabic - but that hasn’t stopped me from communicating. My favorite places include Yemen, Georgia (the country), and of course Paris. I am a carnivore who loves a good steak with a nice bottle of red wine. I don’t eat beets - living in Russia was difficult - but otherwise, I have eaten some pretty strange stuff. Bagpipes stir my Celtic blood. I have never ridden a roller coaster and have no interest in doing so.

  • Work
    • Democracy Consultant
  • Education
    • St. Mary's College of Maryland