Joshua Bonehill

The Founder & Leader of the National British Resistance is Joshua Bonehill.
Whilst he is still young, Joshua is both passionate and determined to see the creation of a Second Great State for Britain, a nationalist state that puts the common good of the British people first and expels the greedy zionist element that has poisoned our country for too long.
Some say that his rising to prominence is both the work of fate & destiny but we can not question the mission he has set out to achieve. Bonehill comes from a long line of Anglo-Saxon history which dates back to the fourth century in Britain. Joshua is proud of his heritage and celebrates his white history without fear of being branded a racist whilst knowing that the British race must always come first.
Joshua leads the National British Resistance with an iron determination and hope for change, he will not back down nor will he surrender – his path is set!
Prior to leading the National British Resistance, Bonehill fought the left-wing on the frontlines of this ideological war tirelessly with his news outlet; the Daily Bale.
In 2013, Joshua was arrested for his Nationalist views and sent to court in a national trial that was well publicized. After walking from court a free man; Bonehill made the following statement:
During my time while standing in the dock, I had a Union Jack Flag in my pocket, a Union Jack tie on my chest and a flame in my heart that burns for patriotism and a love for this country. I am sure that through divine belief and my confidence in this trial, I was not imprisoned for that reason.
We must follow this man and trust in him for he has our best intentions at heart and will speak for the people and in defence of the people. Bonehill cares only for Britain!