Josh Bowles

Im really a great guy. I am probably the nicest person on Earth and Ill accept you no matter what. Im a friend to everyone first! I I love Ole Miss probably more than any other undergrad student could ever love this place. I am a double major in Public Policy Leadership and The Classics with a Classical Civilization Emphasis. Im a very easygoing person and can really get along with anyone and everyone. I am currently pledging the fraternity of Delta Psi at Ole Miss. I may appear to be this "rich, frat guy", but on the real side, I am a lot more. I am usually in no way a snob or think that I am better than anyone by any means. Im a staunch Republican (most Conservative of the 2010 class at my high school)! Ill listen to your opposing views with an open mind, but honestly there is no use, it will not change me! Finally, I am the person I am today because of the criticism I have received throughout my life. I am strong willed, but above all I LOVE MY LIFE.