John Boyne

Dublin, Ireland

I was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1971. As a young boy i was always interested in reading and writing books. I wrote many short stories as a kid and was quite proud of them all. When i was young i had to stay in the hospital for a week due to an operation. It was at that time that my mother introduced me to the Narnia series written by C. S. Lewis. After reading these i fell in love with the idea of a young character useing his imagination and wits to explore and solve the problems they faced. The Silver Sword by Ian Serailler was another novel that had a lasting effect on me as it gave me the chance to think about the situation real children were put it, and learn about the history that shaped the world.

An additonal author who had a large influence on my writing career was Charles Dickens. Many of his books, like Oliver Twist, featured a young boy who is alone by himself with no one to lean on and their story of finding themselves. Dickens was very talented at leaving a cliff hanger at the end of his writings and this was something i hoped i would someday be abe to accomplish with mine.

Reading and writing has always been a major part of my life and since i have been able to carry our my dream there is nothing that makes me happier than being able to see my novel "The Boy in Stripped Pyjamas" be the winner of Irish Book Award Children’s Book of the Year, Irish Book Award People’s Choice Book of the Year, Bisto Book of the Year, Que Leer Award Best International Novel of the Year (Spain), and Orange Prize Readers Group Book of the Year. I am excited to see where my writing takes me in the years to come.

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