Jean-Baptiste Perrin

shipping, Photographer, and gamer in Nea Ionia, Greece

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French but living in Greece, I am a true European. Born in Paris in 1971, I mostly grew up in central France. After high-school in Moulins, I went to University, first in Paris, then in Grenoble, where I graduated in political sciences. After the mandatory military service in a maintenance school in Chateauroux, I finished my studies with a Master in Geopolitics at the University of Marne-la-Vallée in 1997. I first worked a couple of months in Lille, then moved to Lyon, dealing with European projects in various fields such as environmental issues, training of adults and research & development. When in 2001, my partner got the opportunity to move to the Netherlands for her career, I decided to follow her. I learned Dutch and found a position as an underwriter for international insurance in Gouda, where I also lived. After three years, I found a better position as manager for market intelligence at APM Terminals headquarters in Den Haag. 2 years and many container terminal projects later, I had to find another job. It took a while but I eventually joined Lunatech, an IT company involved in several shipping software products. When the crisis finally hit the Netherlands, I had the opportunity to move to a shipping company, WEC Lines, to help implement a similar software product. I was also responsible for the negotiations to create a JV in Casablanca.

After 11 years of the Netherlands, I met my sweetheart again. We hadn't seen each other for 6 years, but we fell back in love. I decided to join her in the UK. We stayed there in Oxford for three months, until her government called her back to her native country, Greece. I followed her and we now live maried, in the Nea Ionia suburb. I am still working, but from home.

A fan of martial arts, I practice Taekwondo, first with Master Lee Yong Son in Villeurbanne, then in Rotterdam in the classic Kukiwon style. I had reached the green belt when a bad knee accident forced me to stop for several years. After my recovery, I changed style and learned Songahm Taekwondo in Rotterdam, with Martijn Ooms. I am now a red belt.

My other hobbies include various video games, role playing games (tabletop) and card games. I am particularly interested in the L5R setting (playing regularly both the CCG and RPG). I am also an amateur photographer, part of the Urban Photo Collective group.

  • Work
    • WEC Lines B.V.
  • Education
    • DESS Géopolitique Européenne