Jim Bruer

Lover of technology and it's integration with everyday life. For me, it's all about making things in life easier, be that effort, cost, or any of a million other variables. (This works whether at play, work, or any of a host of other pursuits). I also love digital photography and (I discovered this love this past summer) geocaching.

Dad to two sons (8 and 18). Married to the love of my life and my best friend. Lifelong resident of Indiana (the last three years in Avon, IN). <-- great videos down the left side of the page on why I chose to locate my family here).

20 Years of Executive Assistant experience (14 years at the C-Level), supporting senior executives desk-side and remotely at three Fortune 200 companies. Exceptionally talented, both technically and socially. I'm currently working as a Virtual Executive Assistant (working from home on a contract basis) but am looking to re-enter the office world. My Linked-In profile can be found here.

I'm a life-long nerd/geek (elements of both) and am happy to wear those descriptors. I'm also a life-long introspective thinker, people-watcher, lover of nature, and nothing means more to me than my family. :-)