Jamie Brummer

Wichita, Kansas

I grew up in Kansas. I moved around to a few different states in my late teens. Atlanta was one of my favorite places to live. The atmosphere was exciting and relaxing at the same time. Kansas has a way of drawing me back. I have a 10-year-old daughter. Her name is Samantha. She is my motivation to better myself in life. I want her to always have the desire to follow her dreams. I was in the Air Force for nine years. The first six years in the military, I worked as Security Forces. After getting out of the Air Force I started working for CCH. I have worked for CCH for the last nine years. CCH is a tax and accounting software company. We provide software support for accountants. I was working toward an accounting degree to become a CPA.

I no longer have the desire to become an accountant. I want to work a job that I will enjoy going to each day. I wanted a job that I could be passionate about. I reevaluated the different jobs that I have had over the years. I started evaluating different career paths that I would enjoy.

Movies have always been a passion for me I like to temporarily check out of reality and land into the movie world. It is always calming after a long day. Action and superhero movies are my favorite kind. I like them best because there are no limits to the imagination created with them on the big screen. A few of my favorite movies are the Batman and Die Hard movies. I also have an interest in planning, organizing, and evaluating details of projects.

I believe my love for movies will give me the drive to succeed. I also believe that I have the drive to follow my dreams. I started researching different career fields in the movie industry. I discovered that I would like to own a movie production company. The research brought me to Full Sail University. I am currently enrolled in Full Sail University pursuing a degree in Entertainment Business. Right now I have no experience in the entertainment industry. The education at Full Sail and future employment will give me the tools to succeed in reaching my career goals.

  • Work
    • CCH Tax and Accounting
  • Education
    • Full Sail University