justin buenaflor

Hey, my name's Justin Buenaflor and this is my story.

I go to an art school, I think that's pretty self-explanatory. Just joking! I'm not as pretentious or as self-righteous... most of the time, but I do go to an art school. I major in Illustration Design and I aspire to be a character designer, preferably get into some commercial work and eventually lead up into becoming a 'gallery' artist.

I am also into photography. My love for photography has not been etched on my back for that long, 4 years and going strong. I have experienced both digital and traditional film photography, ranging from studio shots that require some Adobe Photoshop/Adobe Lightroom enhancing, to darkrooms, enlargers and red lights, and cyanotypes. And more importantly, I've recently found another beauty in film-making. I have yet to explore that medium, but I hope to be in the near future. I dream to work for National Geographic as one of their 'Documentarians'. I love adventures and explorations, dangerous settings and flat prairies. I am just in love with moving and experiencing the world. By combining both my love for adventure and photography and film, becoming a documentarian is simply combining the best of both worlds.