jayeleah shilling

Hello, My name is Jayeleah. You can call me leah. I'am 24 years old. Lol, I'm a female of course. White, 5'4, long brunette curly hair. Sparkling Blue eyes. I' am nice,fun,out going. In my free time I like to hang out,chill,relax. Watch a movie or go out on the town & have a drink & be social. Never been married. No children. But, would love to have a son or daughter someday. Went to brookhaven high-school. Graduation class 2005. I went to everest institute for medical assisting. My favorite color is pink. My favorite movie of all time is dirty dancing. I love music. My favorite is r&b.; I also love ragae. I love taking walks in the park. I love to travel. My favorite food is chinese. But, I also love cooking out in the summer. I like steak. Yumm :) I like American idol. I love "Ellen". I love roses. They smell amazing :) i've never been to the ocean. I would love to feel the sand in my toes. Enough about me. Now, let's talk about him. This amazing man that I love with all my heart. His name is Justin Muhammad. He makes happy. He makes me smile. Most of all he gives me goose bumps. He is incredible. I would love to spend the rest of my life with him. Someday get married & Start a family. I love is big googley eyes :) everyone calls them "crazy eyes". Haha, I love that he spends hours upon hours in front of the mirror. Lol he thinks he's the most amazing looking man on this planet. I would have to agree. He thinks hes supermangod. He can conquer anything. My luv makes me feel safe. He completes me. My heart beats even faster when I see him smile :) I love that he's a hard worker. He's very nice & respectful. Most of all hes A Great man. He has helped me realize who i'am & were I belong. He talks too me like no other man has. Which is a great thing. I would call Justin my hero my supermangod...my baby , my luv , my life. This is why I love him. Because he is justin & I am Jayeleah. my quote is "be yourself because everyone else is taken".