Fabulous I Am 2014

Charleston, SC

If you are Fabulous, Phenomenal, Single & Frustrated struggling with fear and anxiety, focus more on pleasing others while missing or forgetting things that you should do for yourself. If you are experiencing prolonged, undesired singleness or desire to date God's way (no sex before marriage), feel you can’t or don’t know how to be yourself in every situation; then you should attend!

If you are Busy, Overwhelmed, Overstretched Frustrated, Tired, Lack regular exercise and Healthy eating, or Engage in frivolous spending with minimal savings and investing; then you should attend!

If you are a Fabulous & Phenomenal Wife and want to learn what you need to do to keep your marriage in the newlywed stage forever, you are unsure about how to get your needs met in your marriage relationship, you recently got married or have been married for a little while now (less than 3 years) and it is not all it cracked up to be or more difficult than expected, daily activity has become routine, managing life (finance/schedule/household) seems unmanageable; then you should attend!

If you are a Fabulous & Phenomenal Single Mom trying to juggle your schedule, at times feel totally depleted and tired on the verge of giving up… and just want life balance & an AMAZING Relationship with your child(ren), then you should attend!

If you are a Fabulous & Phenomenal Supporter or Partner of Detour Movement Inc. or would like to become one, you can volunteer or you can buy a ticket for one or more of our young Fabulous & Broken college students or others desiring to attend but cannot afford to purchase a ticket!

• Learn how to keep God as your #1 by growing closer to Him every day.
• Learn how to control your emotions and feelings.
• Learn how to resolve conflict with your friends, family & co-workers.
• Learn how to let go of a past relationship or an abusive relationship.
• Learn how to get back up from a divorce or long-term relationship break-up.
• Learn how to experience true intimacy and love outside of a man.
• Learn how to get your money right. You will walk away with a personal budget, debt relieve plan, savings, and investment plan.
• Learn how to lose weight and/or maintain your current body weight. Experience great healthy recei