jonah burstein

Boston, MA

jonah burstein

Boston, MA

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My name is Jonah. I'm primarily a singer and guitar player but also play bass and keys. I started on guitar as a teenager, obsessed with shredders like Paul Gilbert and Jason Becker. For many years now I've focused on songwriting and singing. I am versatile and versed in many styles both vocally and on guitar. I've written and played new wave, indie, power pop, rock, pop, electronic, industrial, metal and more. Most recently I've been lead singer, guitar, keys, bass and primary songwriter for power-pop-new-wave band The Cinnamon Fuzz. It is here that I've worked heavily with a multi-platinum producer, a huge learning experience.

I am available for joining a project, touring, recording, writing and more.

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Some of my deets:

- Singer (Lead, Backup), Guitar (Lead, Rhythm), Bass, Keys, Hand Percussion

- Serious Gear: 6 USA Parker Flys, 80's MIJ Strat, Rainsong 6 & 12 string acoustics, Ibanez Bass, 12 Unit Pedalboard, Custom H&K Triamp w matching Marshall 2x12, Laney VC100 combo, Omnichord OM-84, Roland Juno 106, M-Audio Keystation 61

- Home studio: Pro Tools, Reason, many mics, monitors, subwoofer, Profire 610

- TONS of recording (digi and tape) and live experience

- 7 songs w multi-platinum producer & grammy nominated sound engineer

- 2 records w Adam D (Killswitch)

- Mastered w Gateway, Sterling & Universal

- Played with national bands (Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr, Morbid Angel, BLS, Mortician, Overkill, etc.)

- Finalist in several songwriting competitions for Reboot My Heart

- Commercial Radio Rotation w In Your Hands

- Cinnamon Fuzz named one of Billboard's 18 best unsigned bands 2011

- 15 years graphic design (digital, print, shirts, album art, photo editing and finishing)

- Made music video for Reboot My Heart

- Passionate about fashion and looking the part

- MBA in marketing and management

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