James Stephen Cardwell

I’m proud to announce that a number of additions to the Yearly Kos panel on the CIA leak investigation that will be held in Las Vegas on June 9. The panel already includes former Ambassador Joe Wilson, Marcy Wheeler, former CIA analyst Larry Johnson, Dan Froomkin of the washingtonposst.com, proffesor Jay Rosen of New York University,and our own Christy Hardin-Smith. Our most recent addition is investigative journalist Murray Waas, of National Journal.

As a journalist for the National Journal and blogger at his blog Whatever, Already!, Murray Waas has owned the Plame story and how the U.S. went to war with Iraq from the start. As emptywheel has written before, Murray is the "gold standard" by which all other journalists covering the story are judged. Typically Murray will make some revelation about the story, then someone like Michael Isikoff will go crawling to some administration-friendly source to go publish the official spin. When they see what does and doesn’t fly, they’ll turn up on Jim VandeHei’s doorstep putting bandaids on the initial spin, but without Murray Waas' original reporting — which does not depend on White House spinners for information.