Jc Ehrlich

Ehrlich has been providing expert pest control services to homeowners and businesses since 1928.

We offer customized, effective and fast pest control solutions which include fumigation, bed bug control, and termite control - all provided by local offices throughout the east coast from Connecticut to Florida. Call us today!

Pest control is a challenging and varied business.

Each pest species demands a different set of solutions, further complicated by the severity of the pest infestation and the location of the problem. This means that for an exterminator, no two days are ever the same.

For example, a rat infestation in the roof of a local restaurant could potentially require a different pest control approach to the same infestation located in the attic of a family home.
The battle to keep control of pests is never ending and it has, in fact, been a necessity for centuries.

Throughout recorded history to the present day, humans have had to adapt to survive alongside pests, and where this was not viable, to invent suitable methods to try to control them.

In today's world, changes in human activity, environmental pressures and natural evolution all have a hand to play in introducing pests into locations, where there previously were none.

The most recent example of this is the resurgence of bed bugs, through increased travel and modern transportation.

As pests evolve, so too must the pest control programs used to control them. This is why continuous training of exterminators and entomologists, and investment in innovative, modern solutions is so critical.

Ehrlich has kept one step ahead of the changing face of the pest control industry by introducing the use of green pest control, chemical-free heat treatment processes and our unique, market-leading online pest monitoring tool, PestNetOnline.

The training of Ehrlich's exterminators is just as vital in order to ensure correct and safe application of materials and products, both modern and traditional.

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